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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:

for i in range(0,8):  
  print O.bodies[i].state.blockedDOFs

shows that several of your bodies (including the pFacet itself) have all
DOFs blocked, ie are non-dynamic [*] which is a general reason in YADE
for bodies not to move even though they sustain forces.

(NB : you saw that there is a force on the sphere from the pfacet, we
thus can assume -- and check if necessary -- there also is a force from
the sphere on the pfacet)

I'm from far not familiar enough with pFacets to know if this is a bug in the 
pfacetCreator1() function you used with "fixed = False", or the "normal" 
behavior, or an error on your side.

I'd thus just advice here to look at pfacet examples (if not already
done), and, mostly, to provide a really minimal (working) example to
illustrate the behavior that annoys you. We do not need/want for
instance the text file output : ideally MWE should fit in 10 lines, 20

This would essentially help attracting other answers more familiar with
pfacets ;-)



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