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Anay Joshi posted a new comment:
Hi Luc,
I'll try again and let you know if I am able to get the script running.


On 22 Feb 2018 5:53 am, "Luc Scholtès" <>

> Your question #664499 on Yade changed:
> Luc Scholtès posted a new comment:
> Hi Anay,
> I am sorry but I am not able to reproduce the error on my side.
> I verified it once again: I copied the lines contained between ---
> BEGINNING OF SCRIPT --- and --- END OF SCRIPT --- and pasted them into a
> blank file which I then saved with the extension .py. Launching the
> resulting script with yade by typing yade, I have the
> simulation running without any problem.
> My guess is that you did not copy pasted the lines correctly (the error
> is a Python related error if I am not misleading).
> Sorry, I cannot really help more than that.
> Luc
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