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In short: no.
Because the critical (maximum) timestep varies with 1 / squareRoot(contact 
stiffness). Increasing contact stiffness (through increasing FrictMat.young or 
.poisson, assuming you're using Ip_FrictMat_FrictMat_FrictPhys) thus 
automatically decreases your time step, and most probably increases the 
required number of DEM iterations, if this is what you intend with "simulation 

However, because the critical timestep also varies with
squareRoot(particle mass), increasing particles masses may help in some
cases, you may search "density scaling" through the DEM literature.

This being said, if you're really looking for "particles not subject to
deformation"/"non deformable", I would advice stop using YADE right away
and look for Contact Dynamics codes (like LMGC90, here in France).


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