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Good evening.
This question might be a bit naive.
I have the following python function.

def checkAndDelete(boundaries):

        for b in O.bodies:

                if isinstance(b.shape,Sphere):

                        x,y,z = b.state.pos

                        if  (x<boundaries[0] or x>boundaries[1] or 
y<boundaries[2] or y>boundaries[3] or z<boundaries[4] or z>boundaries[5]): # 
modify this condition to your needs             



And many similar to this were i iterate through the body container and do 
something to it.

My question is. Since those bodies are huge it has been suggested that i write 
those functions in c++. I know how to write functions in c++to import in 
I am not really sure however how to define a body in c++. 
Any help is really appreciated

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