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My guess:

You want to know how to relate the yielding stress of your material
(e.g. deviation from linearity of the stress strain curve for a uniaxial
compression test) with the interparticle properties of your contact
model (e.g. cohesion and friction angle).

If that's what you are after, you need to perform simulations on a
particle packing (e.g. a triaxial compression) to see how the
interparticle parameters (e.g. friction angle) affect the stress strain
response of your material and thus its macromechanical properties (e.g.
yielding stress). The relation between interparticle parameters and
macromechanical properties is not direct in DEM (unless you use regular
packings of particles). That's usually how we calibrate DEM model: trial
and error to find the combination of interparticle parameters which
gives the desired macromechanical properties. Of course, this micro-
macro relationship is also a function of the packing structure
(porosity, particle size distribution, homogeneity, etc...).

Have a look at this article to get some ideas about the calibration

I might be off topic though since your question is not very clear...


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