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Hi Nicolas,

1/ PFV
You are right overall on the need to bound with boxes in current PFV 
implementation. It does not mean that the box has to be entirely filled. What 
it enables directly is the simulation of a submerged avalanche. For an 
avalanche exposed to air there could be ways to impose appropriate pressure 
boundary conditions to the elements filling the empty part of the box, this is 
more involved.
Alternatively, if you go for periodic boundary conditions you can have a x-y 
aligned chute with inclined gravity, which makes the free surface condition 
easier to impose. 

2/ LBM: I don't think it is a realistic option
3/ TwoPhaseFlow: irrelevant
4/ A possible option you did not mention is HydroForceEngine [a], it is 
probably more realistic than 2/ and 3/ 

I hope it helps.


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