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Kalyan  Khanal is still having a problem:

I have used the following code to make a cylindrical object which is
considered as a single fibre.

###Create all nodes first :
for i in linspace(0,L,nL):
  nodesIds.append( O.bodies.append(
 ) )

##Now create connection between the nodes
for i,j in zip( nodesIds[:-1], nodesIds[1:]):
  O.bodies.append( gridConnection(i,j,rCyl,
                                  ) )

My question is How can I use that fibre and distribute it randomly into the 
packing of spheres. I already have a pack of spheres and I want to distribute 
the fibres, How can I copy that fibre into the sphere pack and which is the 
best way to distribute them?


Kalyan Khanal

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