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> if i get it....(?)

I would say yes

> which define my yade class

actually several classes :-)

> i have an internal variable alfa to evolves with time through an
evolution equation ... How can i test values for different time steps
using the previous methodology??

supposing alpha is a member of MyPhys (different value for each interaction).
alpha is probably updated inside Law2::go function.
But the computation of new value of alpha depends on a finite set of parameters.
So on the MyPhys, you define a static method, let's say 
In Law2::go, you would call this method and provide all parameters.
phys.alpha = MyPhys::computeNewAlpha(phys.alpha,dt,...)
Then in Python you can test the function independently on anything if it 
computes expected values:

> i have to use a 2 particle basic yade simulation for that ??

One option is to test it directly on Yade simulation.
But from maintanance point of view, I like the approach of we are discussing. 
E.g. in future if you want to use a different equation for alpha, you just 
replace the body of computeNewAlpha function, modify expected test results and 
that's it.

Definitely the two-sphere tests should be part of the testing, but can be one 
of the last steps, when you are sure everything else (MyPhys.computeNewAlpha 
and other computations) works.
The "structural-level tests" should be the very last testing step in an ideal 
testing case.


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