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commit ee60b3aabe1fe7de3527c2a8a18f1769d2338b7e
Author: yuyafei <>
Date:   Sat Aug 13 15:42:08 2016 +0800

    Add __ne__ built-in function
    In Python 3 __ne__ by default delegates to __eq__ and inverts the
    result, but in Python 2 they urge you to define __ne__ when you
    define __eq__ for it to work properly [1].There are no implied
    relationships among the comparison operators. The truth of x==y
    does not imply that x!=y is false. Accordingly, when defining
    __eq__(), one should also define __ne__() so that the operators
    will behave as expected.
    Without the change in, if r1==r2, the follow code should all
        self.assertEqual(r1, r2)
        self.assertNotEqual(r1, r2)
    The change here is for a way to self.assertNotEqual(r1, r2) as
    Change-Id: I72485d38eab8b5a2034a621e1eebf33b86832f35
    Closes-Bug: #1586268

** Changed in: python-manilaclient
       Status: In Progress => Fix Released

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  Unit test: self.assertNotEqual in  unit.test_base.BaseTest.test_eq
  does not work in PY2

Status in Ceilometer:
  Fix Released
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  In Progress
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  Fix Released
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  Fix Released
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  In Progress
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  Fix Released
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  Fix Released
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  Fix Released
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  Fix Released
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  Fix Released
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  Fix Released
Status in taskflow:
  Fix Released
Status in tempest:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Version: master(20160527)

  In case cinderclient.tests.unit.test_base.BaseTest.test_eq 
self.assertNotEqual does not work.
  Class base.Resource defines __eq__() built-in function, but does not define 
__ne__() built-in function, so self.assertEqual works but self.assertNotEqual 
does not work at all in this test case.

  1 Clone code of python-cinderclient from master.
  2 Modify the case of unit test: cinderclient/tests/unit/
      def test_eq(self):
          # Two resources with same ID: never equal if their info is not equal
          r1 = base.Resource(None, {'id': 1, 'name': 'hi'})
          r2 = base.Resource(None, {'id': 1, 'name': 'hello'})
          self.assertNotEqual(r1, r2)

          # Two resources with same ID: equal if their info is equal
          r1 = base.Resource(None, {'id': 1, 'name': 'hello'})
          r2 = base.Resource(None, {'id': 1, 'name': 'hello'})
          # self.assertEqual(r1, r2)
          self.assertNotEqual(r1, r2)

          # Two resoruces of different types: never equal
          r1 = base.Resource(None, {'id': 1})
          r2 = volumes.Volume(None, {'id': 1})
          self.assertNotEqual(r1, r2)

          # Two resources with no ID: equal if their info is equal
          r1 = base.Resource(None, {'name': 'joe', 'age': 12})
          r2 = base.Resource(None, {'name': 'joe', 'age': 12})
          # self.assertEqual(r1, r2)
          self.assertNotEqual(r1, r2)

     Modify self.assertEqual(r1, r2) to self.assertNotEqual(r1, r2).

  3 Run unit test, and return success.

  After that, I make a test:

  class Resource(object):
      def __init__(self, person):
          self.person = person

      def __eq__(self, other):
          return self.person == other.person

  r1 = Resource("test")
  r2 = Resource("test")
  r3 = Resource("test_r3")
  r4 = Resource("test_r4")

  print r1 != r2
  print r1 == r2
  print r3 != r4
  print r3 == r4

  The result is :

  Whether r1 is precisely the same to r2 or not, self.assertNotEqual(r1,
  r2) return true.So I think self.assertNotEqual doesn't work at all in
  python2 and  should be modified.

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