Found a meetup alternative (thanks Subru):

So we can get a rough headcount, please add (local) if you plan to
attend in-person. -C

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 4:03 PM, Chris Douglas <> wrote:
> [Cross-posting, as this affects the rest of the project]
> Hey folks-
> As discussed last month [1], the HDFS build hasn't been healthy
> recently. We're dedicating a bug bash to stabilize the build and
> address some longstanding issues with our unit tests. We rely on our
> CI infrastructure to keep the project releasable, and in its current
> state, it's not protecting us from regressions. While we probably
> won't achieve all our goals in this session, we can develop the
> conditions for reestablishing a firm foundation.
> If you're new to the project, please consider attending and
> contributing. Committers often prioritize large or complicated
> patches, and the issues that make the project livable don't get enough
> attention. A bug bash is a great opportunity to pull reviewers'
> collars, and fix the annoyances that slow us all down.
> If you're a committer, please join us! While some of the proposed
> repairs are rote, many unit tests rely on implementation details and
> non-obvious invariants. We need domain experts to help untangle
> complex dependencies and to prevent breakage of deliberate, but
> counter-intuitive code.
> We're collecting tasks in wiki [2] and will include a dial-in option
> for folks who aren't local.
> Meetup has started charging for creating new events, so we'll have to
> find another way to get an approximate headcount and publish the
> address. Please ping me if you have a preferred alternative. -C
> [1]:
> [2]:

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