Wangda Tan created YARN-8135:

             Summary: Hadoop {Submarine} Project: Simple and scalable 
deployment of deep learning training / serving jobs on Hadoop
                 Key: YARN-8135
             Project: Hadoop YARN
          Issue Type: New Feature
            Reporter: Wangda Tan
            Assignee: Wangda Tan
         Attachments: image-2018-04-09-14-35-16-778.png


 - Allow infra engineer / data scientist to run *unmodified* Tensorflow jobs on 
 - Allow jobs easy access data/models in HDFS and other storages.
 - Can launch services to serve Tensorflow/MXNet models.
 - Support run distributed Tensorflow jobs with simple configs.
 - Support run user-specified Docker images.
 - Support specify GPU and other resources.
 - Support launch tensorboard if user specified.
 - Support customized DNS name for roles (like tensorboard.$user.$domain:6006)

*Why this name?*
 - Because Submarine is the only vehicle can take human to deep places. B-)

Compare to other projects:



* GPU Isolation of XLearning project is achieved by patched YARN, which is 
different from community’s GPU isolation solution.

** XLearning needs few modification to read ClusterSpec from env.


- TensorflowOnSpark (Yahoo):
- TensorFlowOnYARN (Intel):
- Spark Deep Learning (Databricks):
- XLearning (Qihoo360):
- Kubeflow (Google):

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