Bilwa S T created YARN-10308:

             Summary: Update javadoc and variable names for keytab in yarn 
services as it supports schemes other than hdfs and local file system
                 Key: YARN-10308
             Project: Hadoop YARN
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Bilwa S T
            Assignee: Bilwa S T

1.  Below description should be updated

@ApiModelProperty(value = "The URI of the kerberos keytab. It supports two " +
      "schemes \"hdfs\" and \"file\". If the URI starts with \"hdfs://\" " +
      "scheme, it indicates the path on hdfs where the keytab is stored. The " +
      "keytab will be localized by YARN and made available to AM in its local" +
      " directory. If the URI starts with \"file://\" scheme, it indicates a " +
      "path on the local host where the keytab is presumbaly installed by " +
      "admins upfront. ")
  public String getKeytab() {
    return keytab;

2. Variables below are still named on hdfs which is confusing
if ("file".equals(keytabURI.getScheme())) {"Using a keytab from localhost: " + keytabURI);
    } else {
      Path keytabOnhdfs = new Path(keytabURI);
      if (!fileSystem.getFileSystem().exists(keytabOnhdfs)) {
        LOG.warn(service.getName() + "'s keytab (principalName = "
            + principalName + ") doesn't exist at: " + keytabOnhdfs);
      LocalResource keytabRes = fileSystem.createAmResource(keytabOnhdfs,
          service.getName()), keytabRes);"Adding " + service.getName() + "'s keytab for "
          + "localization, uri = " + keytabOnhdfs);

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