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Hi [~xgong], thanks for the patch! I'm interested in talking through the 
changes and their security implications, for everybody who's following along. I 
think the following are worth highlighting:

# The token update mechanism is via the AM heartbeat. So if the previous AMRM 
token has been compromised, the attacker can get the new token.
** I don't think it's a big problem as the RM will only hand out the new token 
in _exactly_ one AllocateResponse (except for the case of RM restart). So if 
the attacker has the new token, the real AM won't, and it'll die and the token 
will get revoked.
# How frequently a running AM gets an updated token is at the mercy of the 
configuration (the roll interval and activation delay). In addition, whenever 
the RM restarts, all AMs will get a new token on the next heartbeat.
** Should the RM check that the roll interval and activation delay are both 
shorter than the token expiration interval?
# The client app is not responsible for renewing the token. The RM will renew 
it proactively and update the apps.
** The loss of control may be inconvenient to the app. The AM must also 
heartbeat frequently enough to catch the update in time. In practice, it's not 
an issue. But it still makes me slightly uncomfortable, since the client is the 
usually one renewing its credentials, of all other security protocols I know 
of. Here, the RM doesn't have any explicit logic to update an AMRM token before 
it expires. The math just generally works out if the admin sets the token 
expiry, roll interval and activation delay to the right values.\\
Again, I think this is better than making it the AM's responsibility to get a 
new token, which is more burden on the AM. I just want to bring this up for 

> RM Should have a way to update the tokens it has for a running application
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>                 Key: YARN-941
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-941
>             Project: Hadoop YARN
>          Issue Type: Sub-task
>            Reporter: Robert Joseph Evans
>            Assignee: Xuan Gong
>         Attachments: YARN-941.preview.2.patch, YARN-941.preview.3.patch, 
> YARN-941.preview.patch
> When an application is submitted to the RM it includes with it a set of 
> tokens that the RM will renew on behalf of the application, that will be 
> passed to the AM when the application is launched, and will be used when 
> launching the application to access HDFS to download files on behalf of the 
> application.
> For long lived applications/services these tokens can expire, and then the 
> tokens that the AM has will be invalid, and the tokens that the RM had will 
> also not work to launch a new AM.
> We need to provide an API that will allow the RM to replace the current 
> tokens for this application with a new set.  To avoid any real race issues, I 
> think this API should be something that the AM calls, so that the client can 
> connect to the AM with a new set of tokens it got using kerberos, then the AM 
> can inform the RM of the new set of tokens and quickly update its tokens 
> internally to use these new ones.

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