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bq. I'm thinking to write the WCE as part of a 'secure container' topic, which 
would describe LCE as well.

> Implement secure Windows Container Executor
> -------------------------------------------
>                 Key: YARN-1972
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-1972
>             Project: Hadoop YARN
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: nodemanager
>            Reporter: Remus Rusanu
>            Assignee: Remus Rusanu
>              Labels: security, windows
>         Attachments: YARN-1972.1.patch, YARN-1972.2.patch
> h1. Windows Secure Container Executor (WCE)
> YARN-1063 adds the necessary infrasturcture to launch a process as a domain 
> user as a solution for the problem of having a security boundary between 
> processes executed in YARN containers and the Hadoop services. The WCE is a 
> container executor that leverages the winutils capabilities introduced in 
> YARN-1063 and launches containers as an OS process running as the job 
> submitter user. A description of the S4U infrastructure used by YARN-1063 
> alternatives considered can be read on that JIRA.
> The WCE is based on the DefaultContainerExecutor. It relies on the DCE to 
> drive the flow of execution, but it overwrrides some emthods to the effect of:
> * change the DCE created user cache directories to be owned by the job user 
> and by the nodemanager group.
> * changes the actual container run command to use the 'createAsUser' command 
> of winutils task instead of 'create'
> * runs the localization as standalone process instead of an in-process Java 
> method call. This in turn relies on the winutil createAsUser feature to run 
> the localization as the job user.
> When compared to LinuxContainerExecutor (LCE), the WCE has some minor 
> differences:
> * it does no delegate the creation of the user cache directories to the 
> native implementation.
> * it does no require special handling to be able to delete user files
> The approach on the WCE came from a practical trial-and-error approach. I had 
> to iron out some issues around the Windows script shell limitations (command 
> line length) to get it to work, the biggest issue being the huge CLASSPATH 
> that is commonplace in Hadoop environment container executions. The job 
> container itself is already dealing with this via a so called 'classpath 
> jar', see HADOOP-8899 and YARN-316 for details. For the WCE localizer launch 
> as a separate container the same issue had to be resolved and I used the same 
> 'classpath jar' approach.
> h2. Deployment Requirements
> To use the WCE one needs to set the 
> `yarn.nodemanager.container-executor.class` to 
> `org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.nodemanager.WindowsSecureContainerExecutor` 
> and set the `yarn.nodemanager.windows-secure-container-executor.group` to a 
> Windows security group name that is the nodemanager service principal is a 
> member of (equivalent of LCE 
> `yarn.nodemanager.linux-container-executor.group`). Unlike the LCE the WCE 
> does not require any configuration outside of the Hadoop own's yar-site.xml.
> For WCE to work the nodemanager must run as a service principal that is 
> member of the local Administrators group or LocalSystem. this is derived from 
> the need to invoke LoadUserProfile API which mention these requirements in 
> the specifications. This is in addition to the SE_TCB privilege mentioned in 
> YARN-1063, but this requirement will automatically imply that the SE_TCB 
> privilege is held by the nodemanager. For the Linux speakers in the audience, 
> the requirement is basically to run NM as root.
> h2. Dedicated high privilege Service
> Due to the high privilege required by the WCE we had discussed the need to 
> isolate the high privilege operations into a separate process, an 'executor' 
> service that is solely responsible to start the containers (incloding the 
> localizer). The NM would have to authenticate, authorize and communicate with 
> this service via an IPC mechanism and use this service to launch the 
> containers. I still believe we'll end up deploying such a service, but the 
> effort to onboard such a new platfrom specific new service on the project are 
> not trivial.

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