zhihai xu created YARN-2359:

             Summary: Application is hung without timeout and retry after 
DNS/network is down. 
                 Key: YARN-2359
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-2359
             Project: Hadoop YARN
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: resourcemanager
            Reporter: zhihai xu

Application is hung without timeout and retry after DNS/network is down. 
It is because right after the container is allocated for the AM, the 
DNS/network is down for the node which has the AM container.
The application attempt is at state RMAppAttemptState.SCHEDULED, it receive 
RMAppAttemptEventType.CONTAINER_ALLOCATED event, because the 
IllegalArgumentException(due to DNS error) happened, it stay at state 
RMAppAttemptState.SCHEDULED. In the state machine, only two events will be 
processed at this state:
RMAppAttemptEventType.CONTAINER_ALLOCATED and RMAppAttemptEventType.KILL.
The code didn't handle any event(RMAppAttemptEventType.CONTAINER_FINISHED) 
which will be generated by the node and container timeout. So even the node is 
removed, the Application is still hung in this state 
The only way to make the application exit this state is to send 
RMAppAttemptEventType.KILL event which will only be generated when you manually 
kill the application from Job Client by forceKillApplication.

To fix the issue, we should add an entry in the state machine table to handle 
RMAppAttemptEventType.CONTAINER_FINISHED event at state 
add the following code in StateMachineFactory:
          new FinalSavingTransition(
            new AMContainerCrashedBeforeRunningTransition(), 

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