Karam Singh created YARN-2426:

             Summary: NodeManger is not able use WebHDFS token properly to 
tallk to WebHDFS while localizing 
                 Key: YARN-2426
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-2426
             Project: Hadoop YARN
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: nodemanager, resourcemanager, webapp
    Affects Versions: 2.6.0
         Environment: Hadoop Keberos (Secure) cluster with 
LinuxContainerExcutor is enabled
With SPNEGO on for Yarn new RM web services for application submission
While using kinit we are using -C (to specify cachepath).
Then while executing set export KRB5CCNAME = <path provided with -C option>

There is no kerberos ticket in default KRB5 cache path with is /tmp

            Reporter: Karam Singh

Encountered this issue during using new YARN's RM WS for application 
submission, on single node cluster while submitting Distributed Shell 
application using RM WS(webservice).
For this we need  pass custom script and AppMaster jar along with webhdfs token 
to NodeManager for localization.

Distributed Shell Application was failing as Node was failing to localise 
AppMaster jar .
Following is the NM log while localizing AppMaster jar:
2014-08-18 01:53:52,434 INFO  authorize.ServiceAuthorizationManager 
(ServiceAuthorizationManager.java:authorize(114)) - Authorization successful 
for testing (auth:TOKEN) for protocol=interface 
2014-08-18 01:53:52,757 INFO  localizer.ResourceLocalizationService 
(ResourceLocalizationService.java:update(1011)) - DEBUG: FAILED { 
webhdfs://<NAMENODEHOST>:<NAMENODEHTTPPORT>/user/<JARpPATH>, 1408352019488, 
FILE, null }, Authentication required
2014-08-18 01:53:52,758 INFO  localizer.LocalizedResource 
(LocalizedResource.java:handle(203)) - Resource 
 transitioned from DOWNLOADING to FAILED
2014-08-18 01:53:52,758 INFO  container.Container 
(ContainerImpl.java:handle(999)) - Container 
container_1408351986532_0001_01_000001 transitioned from LOCALIZING to 

Which is similar to what we get is when we try access webhdfs in secure 
(kerberos) cluster without doing kinit
Whereas if we do curl -i -k -s 
 webhdfs token used in app submission structure>"
works properly
I also tried using 
http://<NAMENODEHOST>:<NAMENODEHTTPPORT>/webhdfs/v1/user/hadoopqa/<JAR_PATH> in 
app submission object instead of webhdfs:// uri format
Then NodeManger fail to localize as there is http filesystem scheme
14-08-18 02:03:31,343 INFO  authorize.ServiceAuthorizationManager 
(ServiceAuthorizationManager.java:authorize(114)) - Authorization successful 
for testing (auth:TOKEN) for protocol=interface org.apache.
2014-08-18 02:03:31,583 INFO  localizer.ResourceLocalizationService 
(ResourceLocalizationService.java:update(1011)) - DEBUG: FAILED { 
1408352576841, FILE, null }, No FileSystem for scheme: http
2014-08-18 02:03:31,583 INFO  localizer.LocalizedResource 
(LocalizedResource.java:handle(203)) - Resource 
 transitioned from DOWNLOADING to FAILED

Now do kinit without providing -C option for KRB5 cache path. So Ticket to goes 
to default KRB5 cache /tmp
Again submit same application object to Yarn WS, with webhdfs:// uri format 
paths and webhdfs token
This time NM is able download jar and custom shell script and application runs 
Looks like following is happening:
webhdfs is trying look for krb ticket in NM while localising 
1. As 1st case there was to krb ticket there in default cache. Application 
failing while localising AppMaster jar
2. In second case as already kinit and krb ticket was present in /tmp (default 
KRB5 cache). AppMaster got localized successfully

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