Konstantinos Karanasos commented on YARN-2877:

Adding some more details, now that we have added the first sub-tasks.

In YARN-2882 we introduce two *types of containers*: guaranteed-start and 
queueable. The former are the ones existing in YARN today (are allocated from 
the central RM, and once allocated, are guaranteed to start). The latter make 
it possible to queue container requests in the NMs and will be used for 
distributed scheduling.
The *queuing of (queueable) container requests* in the NMs is proposed in 

Each NM will now also have a *LocalRM* (Local ResourceManager) that will 
receive all container requests from the AMs running on the same machine:
- For the guaranteed-start container requests, the LocalRM acts as a proxy 
(YARN-2884), forwarding them to the central RM. 
- For the queueable container requests, the LocalRM is responsible for sending 
them directly to the NM queues (bypassing the central RM). Deciding the NMs 
where these requests are queued is based on the estimated waiting time in the 
NM queues, as discussed in YARN-2886.

Based on some policy (YARN-2887), each AM will determine *what type of 
containers to ask*: only guaranteed-start, only queueable, or a mix thereof. 
For instance, an AM may request guaranteed-start containers for its tasks that 
are expected to be long-running, whereas it may ask for queueable containers 
for its short tasks (in which the back-and-forth with the central RM may be 
longer than the task execution time). This way we reduce the scheduling 
latency, while increasing the utilization of the cluster (if we had to go to 
the central RM for all these short tasks, some resources of the cluster might 
remain idle in the meanwhile).

To ensure the NM queues remain balanced, we propose *corrective mechanisms for 
NM queue rebalancing* in YARN-2888.
Moreover, to ensure no AM is abusing the system by asking too many queueable 
containers, we can impose a limit in the *number of queueable containers* that 
each AM can receive (YARN-2889).

> Extend YARN to support distributed scheduling
> ---------------------------------------------
>                 Key: YARN-2877
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-2877
>             Project: Hadoop YARN
>          Issue Type: New Feature
>          Components: nodemanager, resourcemanager
>            Reporter: Sriram Rao
> This is an umbrella JIRA that proposes to extend YARN to support distributed 
> scheduling.  Briefly, some of the motivations for distributed scheduling are 
> the following:
> 1. Improve cluster utilization by opportunistically executing tasks otherwise 
> idle resources on individual machines.
> 2. Reduce allocation latency.  Tasks where the scheduling time dominates 
> (i.e., task execution time is much less compared to the time required for 
> obtaining a container from the RM).

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