Zhijie Shen created YARN-2958:

             Summary: RMStateStore seems to unnecessarily and wronly store 
sequence number separately
                 Key: YARN-2958
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-2958
             Project: Hadoop YARN
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: resourcemanager
            Reporter: Zhijie Shen

It seems that RMStateStore updates last sequence number when storing or 
updating each individual DT, to recover the latest sequence number when RM 

First, the current logic seems to be problematic:
  public synchronized void updateRMDelegationTokenAndSequenceNumber(
      RMDelegationTokenIdentifier rmDTIdentifier, Long renewDate,
      int latestSequenceNumber) {
    if(isFencedState()) {
      LOG.info("State store is in Fenced state. Can't update RM Delegation 
    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {
  protected void updateStoredToken(RMDelegationTokenIdentifier id,
      long renewDate) {
    try {
      LOG.info("updating RMDelegation token with sequence number: "
          + id.getSequenceNumber());
        renewDate, id.getSequenceNumber());
    } catch (Exception e) {
      LOG.error("Error in updating persisted RMDelegationToken with sequence 
number: "
            + id.getSequenceNumber());
      ExitUtil.terminate(1, e);
According to code above, even when renewing a DT, the last sequence number is 
updated in the store, which is wrong. For example, we have the following 
1. Get DT 1 (seq = 1)
2. Get DT 2( seq = 2)
3. Renew DT 1 (seq = 1)
4. Restart RM
The stored and then recovered last sequence number is 1. It makes the next 
created DT after RM restarting will conflict with DT 2 on sequence num.

Second, the aforementioned bug doesn't happen actually, because the recovered 
last sequence num has been overwritten at by the correctly one.
  public void recover(RMState rmState) throws Exception {

    LOG.info("recovering RMDelegationTokenSecretManager.");
    // recover RMDTMasterKeys
    for (DelegationKey dtKey : rmState.getRMDTSecretManagerState()
      .getMasterKeyState()) {

    // recover RMDelegationTokens
    Map<RMDelegationTokenIdentifier, Long> rmDelegationTokens =
    this.delegationTokenSequenceNumber =
    for (Map.Entry<RMDelegationTokenIdentifier, Long> entry : rmDelegationTokens
      .entrySet()) {
      addPersistedDelegationToken(entry.getKey(), entry.getValue());
The code above recovers delegationTokenSequenceNumber by reading the last 
sequence number in the store. It could be wrong. Fortunately, 
delegationTokenSequenceNumber updates it to the right number.
    if (identifier.getSequenceNumber() > getDelegationTokenSeqNum()) {
All the stored identifiers will be gone through, and 
delegationTokenSequenceNumber will be set to the largest sequence number among 
these identifiers. Therefore, new DT will be assigned a sequence number which 
is always larger than that of all the recovered DT.

To sum up, two negatives make a positive, but it's good to fix the issue. 
Please let me know if I've missed something here.

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