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[~beckham007] Thanks for your comment.
So you're saying that if I send a signal to the pid of the session script(as 
DefaultContainerExecutor does), it will work on the process that docker is 
running, and potentially kill it?

Please help me clarify my understanding:
I am running the following steps:
First I create a file similar to the session script. It writes the pid of the 
session to a pidfile
$cat > bash_session_pid.sh <<EOF
> #!/bin/bash
> echo $$ > /tmp/pidfile
> exec setsid bash -c 'docker run -itd ubuntu sleep infinity'

I chmod and run this script which starts a docker container
$chmod a+x bash_session_pid.sh
$docker ps 
1b8ee377e3d2        ubuntu:14.04        "sleep infinity"    3 minutes ago       
Up 3 minutes                            cranky_stallman

Now I cat the pid of the session, and it says the pid is 9281
$cat /tmp/pidfile

As you've suggested, I send a kill signal to the pid, hoping that'd kill the 
$kill -9 9281
I check if the docker container is killed:
$docker ps
1b8ee377e3d2        ubuntu:14.04        "sleep infinity"    6 minutes ago       
Up 6 minutes                            cranky_stallman

Since your method did not kill the container, I get the pid of the process 
running under the container:
$docker inspect 1b8ee377e3d2
I check the tree of this process:
$pstree -ps 9289

As I had expected, this process is a child of the docker daemon, and therefore, 
if it's killed, the container will be killed. Therefore, I send a kill signal 
to this pid:
$kill -9 9289

Now I verify if the container is alive:
$docker ps
Container is dead. 
>From what I understand, the session pid has no relation to the actual pid of 
>the container, and therefore, sending it signal is meaningless.
Therefore, if that meaningless pid is in the pidfile, 
NodeManager/ResourceManager will not be able to send signal to containers as 
Please let me know where my understanding is mistaken, and I gladly will switch 
it to the simpler implementation.

> The DockerContainerExecutor could not write the right pid to container pidFile
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: YARN-3080
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-3080
>             Project: Hadoop YARN
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: nodemanager
>    Affects Versions: 2.6.0
>            Reporter: Beckham007
>            Assignee: Abin Shahab
>         Attachments: YARN-3080.patch, YARN-3080.patch, YARN-3080.patch, 
> YARN-3080.patch
> The docker_container_executor_session.sh is like this:
> {quote}
> #!/usr/bin/env bash
> echo `/usr/bin/docker inspect --format {{.State.Pid}} 
> container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002` > 
> /data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/local/nmPrivate/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002.pid.tmp
> /bin/mv -f 
> /data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/local/nmPrivate/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002.pid.tmp
> /data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/local/nmPrivate/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002.pid
> /usr/bin/docker run --rm  --name container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002 -e 
> GAIA_CLUSTER_ID=shpc-nm_restart -e GAIA_QUEUE=root.tdwadmin -e 
> GAIA_APP_NAME=test_nm_docker -e GAIA_INSTANCE_ID=1 -e 
> GAIA_CONTAINER_ID=container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002 --memory=32M 
> --cpu-shares=1024 -v 
> /data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/container-logs/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002:/data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/container-logs/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002
>  -v 
> /data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/local/usercache/tdwadmin/appcache/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002:/data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/local/usercache/tdwadmin/appcache/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002
>  -P -e A=B --privileged=true docker.oa.com:8080/library/centos7 bash 
> "/data/nm_restart/hadoop-2.4.1/data/yarn/local/usercache/tdwadmin/appcache/application_1421723685222_0008/container_1421723685222_0008_01_000002/launch_container.sh"
> {quote}
> The DockerContainerExecutor use docker inspect before docker run, so the 
> docker inspect couldn't get the right pid for the docker, signalContainer() 
> and nm restart would fail.

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