Sunil G commented on YARN-3849:

Thank you [~leftnoteasy] and [~ka...@cloudera.com]

[~kasha] , we have tested this only in CS. And the issue is looking like in 
DominentResourceCalculator. I will analyze whether this will happen in Fair.

[~leftnoteasy], I have understood your point. I can explain you the scenario 
based on few key code snippets.
Please feel free to point out if any issues in my analysis.

CSQueueUtils#updateUsedCapacity has below code to calculate 
absoluteUsedCapacity =
          Resources.divide(rc, totalPartitionResource, usedResource,

This will result a call to DominentResourceCalculator, 
  public float divide(Resource clusterResource, 
      Resource numerator, Resource denominator) {
        getResourceAsValue(clusterResource, numerator, true) / 
        getResourceAsValue(clusterResource, denominator, true);

In our cluster, the resource allocation is as follows
usedResource   <10Gb, 95Cores>
totalPartitionResource  <100Gb, 100Cores>.

Since we use dominence, absoluteUsedCapacity will come close to 1 eventhough 
Memory is used only 10%.

IN ProportionalPreemptionPolicy, we use like below
float absUsed = qc.getAbsoluteUsedCapacity(partitionToLookAt);
Resource current = Resources.multiply(partitionResource, absUsed);

So *current - guaranteed* will give us tobePreempted which will be close to 
<50GB, 45Cores>. Actually here memory should have been 5Gb.
Now in our cluster, each container is of <1Gb, 10Cores>. 
Hence the *cores* will be 0 after 5 container kills, but tobePreempted will 
still have memory.
And as mentioned in above comment, preemption will continue to kill other 
containers too.

> Too much of preemption activity causing continuos killing of containers 
> across queues
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: YARN-3849
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-3849
>             Project: Hadoop YARN
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: capacityscheduler
>    Affects Versions: 2.7.0
>            Reporter: Sunil G
>            Assignee: Sunil G
>            Priority: Critical
> Two queues are used. Each queue has given a capacity of 0.5. Dominant 
> Resource policy is used.
> 1. An app is submitted in QueueA which is consuming full cluster capacity
> 2. After submitting an app in QueueB, there are some demand  and invoking 
> preemption in QueueA
> 3. Instead of killing the excess of 0.5 guaranteed capacity, we observed that 
> all containers other than AM is getting killed in QueueA
> 4. Now the app in QueueB is trying to take over cluster with the current free 
> space. But there are some updated demand from the app in QueueA which lost 
> its containers earlier, and preemption is kicked in QueueB now.
> Scenario in step 3 and 4 continuously happening in loop. Thus none of the 
> apps are completing.

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