Hi, I found a issue of yarn.

I run a hive job in my environment, but the yarn heap is too small, so I
got log:
Diagnostic Messages for this Task:
Error: Java heap space
Container killed by the ApplicationMaster.

but the hive job is still running and hanged. Then I go to see yarn app, it
ID            | ...|FinishTime | State  |FinalStatus|TrackingUI
application_XXX| ...|  N/A      |RUNNING |  KILLED  | ApplicationMaster

and Elapsed of this app is still updating.
What's more, I can't kill it anymore. When I use "yarn application -kill ",
it just print:
15/06/30 09:39:21 INFO impl.YarnClientImpl: Waiting for application
application_1434073018192_339101 to be killed.

Could anyone help me?
1. How to kill or stop this app.
2. Why finalStatus is KILLED, but the state is still running?


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