On 16.09.2016 10:12, Ladislav Slezak wrote:
AFAIK some developers use forks mainly because they are afraid of messing
the original repositories. With protected branches that should not happen.

Additionally it would strictly enforce PR reviews (we do that already
so I see no problem with that).

IMHO a nice feature, I'm just not sure which branches we could protect.
Obviously the old maintenance branches, I'm not sure about the "master"
branch, maybe it would be too strict.

We are all grown-ups. We all share responsibility for our subsystem. If we can't trust our own people, we have a problem.

Don't overengineer stuff just because a tools offers you the possibility to do that.

Just last week I needed to force-push yast2-storage to master, for example, after Josef had explained to me why we don't want to cherry-pick single commits from the SLE-12-SP2 branch to master. The explanation made sense, so I undid my cherry-picks. Of course, that meant doing the changes in my clone and then force-pushing it to master.

Why would we want to take away this possibility to fix things? I don't see a real benefit.

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