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If no one has anything to say against this, I'll probably start this weekend.

Please leave your suggestions if you have any. :)

[1] Linuxrc wiki entry

Please be aware that whenever somebody moves Wiki content around, this means breaking everybody's bookmarks, which is almost as good as deleting the documentation permanently.

I don't mean to say that the old SDB-based wiki articles are the ultimate solution (to the contrary - it's hard to find out what is up to date and what is outdeated), but it's been around for a while, word has spread that it exists, and there are a gazillion links to that place from everywhere - other SDB / Wiki articles, people's blogs, Bugzilla, whatever. Those links will then all become invalid.

As a matter of fact, this is the reason why I am very reluctant to write anything in any Wiki any more: I find myself cheated out of the benefits of my own documentation because that stuff constantly gets rearranged and moved around by people just meaning well: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" etc. ;-)

As for benefits of version control: Well, every Wiki has that. It's just a bit different from Git.

And as for GitHub Wikis: They are problematic in that you lose the connection to the original when you fork a GitHub repo; the original and the forks will inevitably diverge, and hardly anybody will notice. Those Wikis are just not as well integrated into GitHub as all the rest (well, maybe we are just spoiled by how well everything else at GitHub works).

If we absolutely need to move that linuxrc documentation from the old, well-known place to someplace else: Did you check out https://pages.github.com/ ? I don't know how different that is from the plain GitHub Wiki that comes with every GitHub project by default. It might be worthwhile looking at (if the format is simple enough like the usual markdown they use everywhere else).

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