Hello gyus,

I believe you have all a lot of work currently, however I want to just
ensure yast2-fonts will enter 15.0 in some point in the future.

I got a community member to cooperate with. I do not want to
underestimate him, but certainly not discourage him right at the
beginning. I am not sure your procedures are easy enough to follow[1]
when someone does not follow it on day-to-day basis, but rather on
half-year-to-half-year basis. At least in comparsion to maintaining
regular packages it hurts time to time. I know this is something else,
rather upstream work. Nevertheless yast2-fonts is rather in
maintenance mode and not evolving much currently.

So I got an evil idea. Would it be possible to maintain it as another
packages outside Yast namespace, i. e. submitting as usual in newer
products together with patches for released products. I would find it
another home, for example M17N project. Just like an external,
community maintained module. I believe it will never enter SLE, at
least until there is an internal volunteer for that.

I think chances are lost in advance, but worth to try :).


[1] e.g. https://github.com/yast/yast-fonts/pull/28
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