On Fri, 22 May 2020 11:12:45 -0600
"David Benjamin" <dbenja...@ontario.k12.or.us> wrote:
> I have made changes per recommendations from yast-devel list help.  
> https://github.com/dwbenjamin/yast-hello-world/pull/2

pull request looks good to me

> I hope to have the "little" things fixed now.  I am planning on using this as 
> template on GitHub for new YaST contributors.  This first iteration is 
> intended to have a fully functioning module with documentation for beginners. 
>  As this is built I will submit documentation changes to help shorten the 
> learning curve for new developers.

Well, I a bit worry that if tou start to have fully functioning non trivial 
module, you ends up with the same think as we already have in yast2-journalctl 
tutorial, which is real yast module that is fully working. So from my POV it is 
more useful to go in direction for github template, that contain all that new 
module should have, but not so much real code. I think current state with Main 
dialog without any backend or more complex UI is fine for template. And what 
can be added to that template is other common settings. There is already 
yardopts, but we also use travis, rubocop, coveralls, etc.

> Write functioning test.  I don't know how to do this for only a dialog box.

You can check example e.g. at 
or different approach at 

> Add header to all files, not sure what exactly it should look like.  I have 
> narrowed the licensing down to GPL 2 or 3, MIT, or Public Domain.

Well, depending on your choice we can provide you predefined header for each 
license type, which we use.

> Packaging.

Feel free to ask any packaging related questions.

> Desktop integration.

I am sure you already see some desktop file in other repos. If you are 
interested what means what, here is a link to documentation: 

> Thank you all again for your help and your time.
>    David.

Thanks to you for your effort
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