Why also not fight factionalism and scrapping of a decision to expel NUMSA?
Cde George

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[YCLSA Discussion] Readiness Update for the 7 October 2016 COSATU Day of Action 
    Readiness for the 7 OctoberDay of Action    16 September 2016 COSATU North 
West PEC: On International Day of Decent Work The PEC has resolved that come 
the day of the 7th October 2016 two town of North West, Rustenburg and 
Klerksdorp must be painted red. The PEC adopted the Programme of Action [PoA] 
which in clued the following activities as a build up to the 07th October 2016. 
•    Holding of generals meetings across Affiliates •    Picketing during lunch 
times in institutions. •    Convening Local shop stewards councils. •    Having 
a joint march with student on NO FEES INCREAMENT •    Convening Regional 
Shopstewards councils in all four Regions. •    Have a massive march to 
Swartruggens toll gate. •    Then on the 07th October 2016 marches to 
Department of Labour at Rustenburg and Klerksdorp We will ensure that all 
workers in the Province joint those marches without any fear because they will 
be covered by Section 77 Notice.    12 September 2016, COSATU KZN PEC: 7th of 
October Decent Work Day COSATU will paint the whole country red on the 7th 
October 2016, launching an offensive and continuing to advance the struggle for 
the banning of Labour Brokers, Scrapping of the e-tolling system including the 
expensive toll gates, fight to protect our jobs, fight for the National minimum 
wage, fight to protect collective agreements, fight for proper Office Health 
standards, for NHI and fight for the scraping of the taxation amendment law.    
24 August 2016, COSATU Central Executive Committee: International Decent Work 
Day  The CEC also resolved to take up a mass action in responding to the 
challenges faced by workers as a build up towards an international decent work 
day on the 7th October 2016. The federation will be fighting for these 
following issues.•    Banning of the labour brokers•    Scraping of the e 
tolling system including the expensive toll gate•    Fight to protect our jobs• 
   Fight for National Minimum Wage•    Fight to protect our collective 
agreement•    Fight for proper Office Health Standards in all workplaces•    
Fight for NHI•    Fight for the scrapping of the taxation amendment law         

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