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After US Strikes Hit Syrian Army,


US Ambassador walks out of UNSC



The Morning Star, London, 19 September 2016


Moscow accused Washington yesterday of being obstructive and deceptive over
its Saturday bombing raids against Syrian government positions in Deir
el-Zour that killed 62 soldiers and wounded over 100.


The [Russian] Foreign Ministry accused the US of taking "an unconstructive
and indistinct position" at an emergency UN Security Council session called
after the air strikes.


Washington had "not only turned out to be unable to give an adequate
explanation of what happened but also tried, as is their custom, to turn
everything upside down," a statement from the ministry said.


Samantha Power walks out, shouting


US ambassador Samantha Power walked out of the meeting while Russian
ambassador Vitaly Churkin was speaking, accusing him of pulling a "stunt"
and being "uniquely cynical and hypocritical" for calling an emergency


Syria's official SANA news agency reported earlier yesterday that dozens of
Islamic State (Isis) militants were killed in bombing raids on Tharda
mountain which overlooks the government-controlled airport in the town of
Deir el-Zour.


Isis forces had taken government positions on the mountain in the wake of
the US aerial attack. [When the ISIS moved in, the USA stopped bombing].


US claims it does not know who it bombs


The US military accepted that it may have unintentionally struck government
troops, asserting that it ended its attack "when coalition officials were
informed by Russian officials that it was possible the personnel and
vehicles targeted were part of the Syrian military."


It insisted that "coalition forces would not intentionally strike a known
Syrian military unit."


However, Mr Churkin stressed in the wake of Ms Power's walkout that he had
"never seen such an extraordinary display of American heavy-handedness as we
are witnessing today."


He added that the US bombing put "a very big question mark" over the future
of the ceasefire agreement and called its timing "frankly suspicious."


The two sides are supposed to implement an agreement tomorrow on military
co-ordination in Syria.





























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