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Non-Aligned Movement Summit


Maduro Warns of US Threats



The Morning Star, London, 19 September 2016


President Nicolas Maduro opened the Non-Aligned Movement summit on
Venezuela's Caribbean island of Margarita on Saturday, warning world leaders
that his country is suffering a US economic war aimed at toppling him.


His Cuban counterpart Raul Castro echoed the charges, recognising that
renewed relations with the US have not resulted in an end to the US blockade
against Cuba.


"Venezuela is facing an onslaught that is against all of Latin America and
the Caribbean; that is trying to reimpose and recolonise the politics,
economy, culture and life of our countries," President Maduro said after
taking up the movement's rotating presidency from Iran which held the summit
in 2012.


President Castro voiced dismay at US failure to end its blockade, urging
regional allies to derail "subversive and meddling" US plans.


Both leaders, together with Ecuadorean and Bolivian heads of state Rafael
Correa and Evo Morales, slammed the recent parliamentary coup against
Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff.


Tools of control


President Morales was also critical of the US's so-called war on drugs,
calling it a tool of control that "only benefits US capitalism."


He had earlier hit out at US President Barack Obama's annual global
drug-trafficking memorandum to the US State Department.


President Morales called the memorandum "ridiculous," saying that Washington
should "first suspend secret banking, eliminate tax havens and stop
producing weapons and invading countries.


"The US, as the largest consumer of drugs in the world, has no moral
authority to dismiss other people's fight against drug trafficking," he
































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