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Non-Aligned Movement demands end to Imperialist wars


For national sovereignty, against neo-colonialism



James Tweedie, The Morning Star, London, 20 September 2016


The Non-Aligned Movement closed its summit on Sunday with a call for reform
of the United Nations and a new international order.


The 17th NAM summit, held on the Venezuelan island of Margarita, also called
for an end to imperialist wars and the subjugation of colonised peoples, and
for all countries to enjoy self-determination, development and prosperity.


Cuban President Raul Castro said that when the 120 NAM members stand
"shoulder to shoulder," their strength "cannot be underestimated."


He reaffirmed his country's condemnation of the "judicial and parliamentary
coup" that ousted Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and his support for
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who faces similar attacks from the
right-wing opposition.


For Syria, against terrorism


The summit declaration vowed to continue "strengthening international
relations, the struggle against terrorism in Syria and solidarity with north
African refugees."


It called for co-ordinated struggle against Islamic State, al-Qaida and its
Syrian affiliates, along with the Taliban and Boko Haram.


"We seek the democratisation of international relations and the construction
of a world where our countries can live, develop and realise all their
economic, cultural, spiritual and human potential," the statement added.


It said that, as history and the present world situation proves, "it is the
developing countries of the world who suffer more intensely from the
disregard of international law, from invasions, from the ravages of war."


No to regime change


Those wars stem from "the geopolitical interests of the great centres of
power, as well as from protracted conflicts inherited from colonialism and


The declaration said the "three pillars of the UN" - peace and security,
development and human rights - should be strengthened.


It rejected the imperialist doctrine of regime change and unilateral
sanctions and called for all conflicts between nations to be resolved via
the UN charter and international law.


The statement also highlighted the threat posed to the human species by
weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear arms.


The summit demanded that Israel end its nearly 50-year occupation of
Palestine, including its blockade of the Gaza Strip, and return to the
pre-1967 borders.


It described Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, including
East Jerusalem, as "a destabilising factor in the region."






























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