How is ANC's political education going, then?



Kwazi Mthembu, Letters, The Star, Johannesburg, 21 September 2016


In his closing address at the ANC's 53rd national elective conference,
President Jacob Zuma announced that former ANC deputy president Kgalema
Motlanthe would lead the ANC's political education programme.


Zuma went on to commit his leadership to the political and ideological
development of ANC members and also referred to Motlanthe as a seasoned
cadre of the movement who knew a lot about the ANC.


Four years on, we are still to have an update from the man who was given
such an important task.


We have heard a lot from Motlanthe about how the ANC is doing everything
wrong, how the alliance is supposedly dead and how it seems that the country
is on auto-pilot.


We have also seen him receive thunderous applause from the media around his
delivering of "hard truths" and for his speaking "truth to power, without
fear or favour".


But after all this has been said and done, may he be kind and fearless
enough to update the world on the state of political education in the ANC
with the same energy he has exerted in "exposing" ANC weaknesses?


Likewise, to be fair to Motlanthe, may Zuma also let the whole world know
how far this "seasoned" comrade has journeyed on this?


Perhaps Motlanthe may claim that he is unable to do his job because of ANC
leadership, something he has seemed happy to blame ever since he lost the
elections in Mangaung.


The lack of political education obviously has a hand in the divisions within
the alliance and it was hoped that Motlanthe would resolve all this with a
clear political and ideological development programme. 


Alas, membership is still waiting.



Kwazi Mthembu

Naledi, Soweto



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