The discourse below gets much more interesting towards the end but read it
in full to understand.

That our political arena is now from (legislature) Parliament moving
(shifting) towards the courts (judiciary) as our undisputed referees in
adjudicating to political discourse, like in any sport, referee's decision
remain final, irrespective of error of judgement or human error that may
sway unfairly a decision to another opponent, more so that our constitution
is in a premise of separations of arms of the state, yet one arm has powers
to be a final arbiter to all disputes.

its an interesting political theater, playing itself out...

I then understood the the Paravin Gordhan matter, as a continuation of
discourse to a new political arena, that is the Courts.

Our courts are part of a society hopeful human error and error of judgement
will not come into play and plunge us all into a cul de suc. as this arm of
the state (The Courts or Judiciary) is not an elected body by popular power
democratically, through elections, yet they enjoy a status of being a final
arbiter in all disputes in society, including those that are from other
independent arms of the state, elected democratically via elections.

The courts are as a final arbiters in all disputes in society, including
those that are from themselves (Judiciary/courts). its interesting, because
one has to trust their self regulation, while other independent arms, of
the state, their self regulating mechanism, has to submit to courts, as the
final arbiter in all disputes in society, yet they are independent.

To some, their independence of other arms of the state has a limits, and
subjected to courts (final arbiter) while the independence courts is
unlimited, supersede other independent arms of the state.

Pinky Khoabane posted: "By Jeff Koorbonally - He is the official
complainant/ key state witness in the huge claim (Liability) from the
Surtie family for their offshore inheritance with the Capital amount of $
36 billion Dollars, plus 25 years interest @ 12,5% p/a to 2010 & f"

New post on *Uncensored*
<> Open Letter to Pravin Gordhan
<> by Pinky
Khoabane <>

By Jeff Koorbonally -* He is the official complainant/ key state witness in
the huge claim (Liability) from the Surtie family for their offshore
inheritance with the Capital amount of $ 36 billion Dollars, plus 25 years
interest @ 12,5% p/a to 2010 & further 5 years interest 2010-2015 grand
total of $193,5 bn which when converted to Zar on the lowest rate of R10 to
Dollar equates to: R1,935 Trillion.*

Dear Hon Minister Gordhan

In the same manner on the open letter addressed to the Public Protector
(Thuli Madonsela), I will skip the introductory part.

As a person of interest very well known to you & your predecessor (Trevor
Manuel) and all the institutions over which you have oversight, including
but not limited to Treasury, Sarb, FSb, which are implicated in this most
serious financial crime.

I have been in silence for far too long (8 years) with this highly
sensitive matter, with great hope that you the man who portrays himself as
a man of integrity (Angel/Messiah of S.A) to the Public of this country,
would address and resolve same, in the efficient, discreet & amicable way,
which would be in the best interest of the RSA.

It has become apparent and crystal clear to me that you & your
predecessor's priorities are wrong. You choose to pursue the protection of
the interest of the “Spiderweb” operation, rather than the interest of the
country & the poor people of this country, who put you in your current
Ref is made to this link

I call upon you as one of the Key Ministers in this country to stand up &
expose the Corruption that is destroying the economy of our beloved
country, in the same manner that you have just done!

“Finance Minister lifts lid on Guptas' R6.8bn 'suspicious transactions'
15 OCTOBER 2016 - 17:54 PM

Your next step now is: “Please publicly disclose to the Public of this
country the (alleged) corruption that you & your predecessor, in your
capacities as Finance Ministers, & in conjunction with Tito Mboweni & Gill
Marcus in their capacities as Governors of the Sarb as well as Maria Ramos
in her capacity as Absa group Ceo have been hiding since the dawn of our
democracy, when this ministry became fully aware of it in 1996, as revealed
by the Ciex investigations & report thereof.

The biggest State Capture/ financial terrorism, warfare style is
orchestrated by the broederbond, who have  enriched themselves with
hundreds of billions, since 1996  to date; the main beneficiaries being
Anglo American (Oppenheimers) in their bank shares in both FNB and Sarb &
Remgro in their shares in Absa, Sarb & Fnb. The Last beneficiaries being
Absa & Sarb in terms of all the brokerage fees, commissions & underwriting
fees & profits which derived from the illegal bond issues whereby the
Surtie family offshore inheritance was illegal laundered into.

#Tell the public of S.A. that your Ministry is now sitting with a Huge
claim (Liability) from the Surtie family for their offshore inheritance
with the Capital amount of $ 36 billion Dollars, plus 25 years interest @
12,5%p/a to 2010 & further 5 years interest 2010-2015 grand total of
$193,5. converted to Zar on the lowest rate of R10 to Dollar it equates to:
R1,935 Trillion.

This inheritance was politically blocked and retained in a Special
Restricted account Antrecode 0000/4444 held at the Reserve Bank on behalf
on finance ministry since 1985 during the Sanctions Era, whereby the
apartheid regime amended the currency exchange act to legalise what they
did. Ref is made to link

#Tell the public of this country that the same Act was amended in 1996 to
be in-line with the new constitution, as it became unconstitutional, hence
the Surtie inheritance should have been released at this point, but Finance
Ministry decided to launder it into Stock markets . Ref is made to link
‎caea1933213.pdf (143.7 KB)

#Tell the Public of this country that the Finance Ministry failed or chose
not to comply with the law of advertising this unclaimed inheritance on the
Government Gazette & further failed with any attempt to trace the
beneficiaries on their last known address as also compelled by law to be

#Tell the Public of this country that your Ministry decided to further
launder the Surtie family offshore inheritance into the fiscus system by
means of re issue of same bonds in 1996 & registration of them with BESA &
putting them on Trade with both, first (JSE) & secondary World Stock
markets (US,UK & others) and therefore committing the most serious act of
money laundering & a serious violation of World Stock Markets rules &

#Tell the Public of S.A. that I, Jeff Koorbanally acting with full power
and authority on the Surtie matter, has given you an amicable settlement
proposal, in the very best interest of this country's economic crisis that:
Govt retains 2 thirds of the interest due & pay the Surtie's only a third
of the interest due and further said that the Government can retain the
investment of the Capital for an indefinite period & reduce the interest
rate to current repo rate or less.

#Tell them (Public) of S.A, that you Mr untouchable chose to ignore me,
with your intention for me to take the matter to court so that you can
waste taxpayers' money defending the crimes of the Apartheid regime.

#Tell them that you instructed DG Lungisa Fuzile not to give me
co-operation in his capacity as Treasury Information Officer in terms of
the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) as enshrined by the
constitution, when I requested access to the investor name & more of these
said Bonds of corruption.

#Tell them you did likewise and told Governor of Sarb Lesetja Kganyago not
to give me any co-operation when I requested access to information on
account Entrecode 0000/4444 (State blocked account) and told him to
intimidate me with Dr De Jarger head of Sarb legal counsel.

#Tell them you also instructed FSB Ceo & Deputy Adv Tshidi & Chanetsa to do
likewise and not to give me any co-operation in my call to them to open up
a full probe on Absa/Barclays and to recover the hundreds of billions they
benefited from with this corruption & impose appropriate fines/penalties in
line with the Stock Market rules.

Lastly it is my submission that your arrogance is going to cost this
country. If you believe you are going to get away with the Surtie claim,
then you making the biggest mistake that will results in the total economic
crash of our country.

As I told you previously that you will leave me no other option but to
execute what I put on hold at an international level with (IOSCO, G20,
BIS,US & Uk Securities Commission IMF, World Bank).

Your Ministry has been fooling the people of this country for far too long
by pointing & blaming everyone else for the economic crisis & prevention of
corruption when the real cause is from within, failure to properly manage
the finance of this Democratic Govt. “This all paints a picture of a
dereliction of duty by the people who should be doing oversight and
enforcing compliance, which is the national treasury.”

What this ministry does instead is to go on media platforms making big
deceiving statements undermining and insulting our intelligence, as black
people, in the same manner that the Apartheid regime did.

Let me spell it out without fear or favour: You Hon Minister and your
predecessor have the "Gift of the Gab". Our country doesnt need such people
in this key position. We need people with a clear vision & dedication, with
strong financial management skills, not talking skills! You and your
predecessor lack in that important area of skills, that's not an insult or
personal attack but a fact, if you take into account the billions we have
lost in corruption when you (Finance Ministry) have access to all resources
including audit - internal & external - plus the auditor general.

Then you blame it all on the “President” making him the scapegoat. If your
ministry was doing the job assigned to you by the constitution, none of
what's flying around the media would exist.

Lastly let me answer the question that might be ringing in you mind right
now: “With all these allegations, why haven't I referred them to the law-
enforcement agencies?"

The Answer is: “I certainly have!” In fact it is currently sitting at the
highest level of the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) and Directorate
for Priority Crime Investigations (DPCI). What they do with the matter and
when they will decide to prosecute is at their discretion.

What I can confirm is that I presented a very strong case against your
ministry/Treasury, Sarb & Absa
In terms of violation of several Acts including but not limited to
#Public Finance Management Act #Prevention and Combating of Corrupt
Activities Act,
#Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998. (POCA)
#Financial Intelligence Centre Act (38 of 2001) - FICA

I am the official complainant/ key state witness in the matter, should and
when it goes for prosecution. Rest assured that I am a very a credible
witness with specific facts that will result in the successful prosecution
of all accused in this matter. What is currently on media is just the tip
off the iceberg in terms of prosecution corrupt related activities by the
very people entrusted with the authority and power to prevent same.

The perception that you portray to the Public, that you are the
Angel/Messiah of S.A, is just the opposite and also that you think are
above the law & untouchable is a myth! This is the beginning of the end of
corrupt office bearers & corruption in this country of which we fought for
with blood & sweat! You were part of that struggle and soon after you got
into the gravy train, all is forgotten! Instead of protecting our
Democracy, you choose to protect the corruption of the of Oppressor.

*The views expressed here are not those of UnCensored*

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