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8 August 2017



Parliament Rejects Attempt to Collapse Government



The Parliamentary Caucus of the African National Congress welcomes
Parliament's rejection of the DA's motion of no confidence in President Zuma
in the National Assembly today. While we respect the right of any party to
table a motion of no confidence in terms of section 102 (2) of the
Constitution, we reiterate that we will never endorse or vote in favour of
any motion that seeks to cripple our country.


This motion marks the eighth attempt by the DA to remove the ANC government
through a soft coup in Parliament. It has been the publicly stated intention
of the opposition to manipulate the Legislature, usurp the Constitution, so
as to collapse Government, deter service delivery and sow seeds of chaos in
society to ultimately grab power.


As we have stated, we have full confidence in our members of parliament to
defeat this motion. We have successfully now done so.


The ANC does not take lightly the public grievances around corruption and
state capture as these are genuine and legitimate concerns. We reiterate
that further investigation from all arms of the state including the
judiciary must be conducted to unearth wrong doing and the people


Parliament, for its part, must ensure that thorough investigations through
various committee processes of oversight are conducted into matters of
public discomfort. Those found guilty of wrong doing must face consequences
including prosecution.



Issued by the Office of the Chief Whip



Nonceba Mhlauli, Media Liaison Officer, 072 623 3462

































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