Some time this Spring, I ran across a bookmark (I can't remember
whose) that was tagged with via:

Since I was already interested in tag systems, this caught my eye.  It
was easy to infer that via: was intended to be a corollary to the for:
tag, albeit an unofficial one.  

I started using via: to credit the sources of my own bookmarks;
intermittently at first, then more consistently as I found the
strategy to be useful.

Now that I've been using via: for a few months, I have a nice record
of who my links are coming from.  This has even helped me to select
people to add to my network.

The thing is that it's a bit of a pita to type via:username out by
hand each time I save one of someone else's bookmarks.  So I have
written a bookmarklet to do it for me (I also made a version that adds
in the other person's tags as well). 
I thought I would share the bookmarklet with this list (see the link
above).  I've learned much useful information while lurking here ~.^
so I hope that this bookmarklet will be a contribution that someone
else finds useful.

For those who are interested, here are two articles which I have run
across recently, about the use of via:
and here is my previous post regarding tag systems:

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