I want to ask if there is some best practice or recommendation on how to build 
multiple FIT images with different initramfs image. We need more FIT images 
with a different set of packages to support different use cases(development 
image, production test image, etc.).

As the INITRAMFS_IMAGE variable is set in the machine configuration, we defined 
more machines with different INITRAMFS_IMAGE value. I think this is abusing of 
machine configuration.

I found a similar question here on the mailing list 
(https://www.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2017-August/037676.html), where 
Christian describes his solution - adjusting kernel.bbclass and 
kernel-fitimage.bbclass and creating a new variable INITRAMFS_IMAGES. However, 
it wasn't integrated into YP.

To summarize, is there a better/recommended solution for building multiple FIT 
images with different initramfs image, then abusing the MACHINE configuration, 
or adjusting kernel.bbclass and kernel-fitimage.bbclass by myself?

Thank You and Best Regards,
Vlado Motyka

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