I've successfully created an image for a Gumstix Overo using the BSP layer
available at https://github.com/squirly/meta-gumstix
The MACHINE variable is set to "overo" in the build/conf/local.conf file.

I then change the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel variable in
meta-gumstix/conf/machine/overo.inc (which is included from overo.conf)
from the default "linux-omap3" to "linux-yocto-rt" and
set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_linux-yocto-rt to "3.4%".

Once this is done I execute bitbake -k core-image-minimal.

However, this does not result in the linux-yocto-rt kernel being built for
the new image. Instead, in the bitbake output I can see a warning informing
me that multiple providers for virtual/kernel are present
(linux-dummy,linux-omap3) and that I should set the PREFERRED_PROVIDER
variable to the required virtual/kernel.

Any ideas how to get linux-yocto-rt built instead of linux-omap3 ?

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