On Thu, 2012-10-04 at 20:00 -0700, Rudolf Streif wrote:
> Disclaimer: I am no Bitbake expert. I just put this together by
> rummaging through the Bitbake code for a couple of minutes. I am
> reasonably confident that what I am saying below is rather accurate
> but the Bitbake experts know better.
>         Indeed it is.  One of my first tasks will be to *remove* as
>         much as possible from this until the only thing it does is
>         print out "Hello, World!"  I'll be happy to share my results
>         if anyone is interested.

> You can just do a recipe and overwrite do_build() in it e.g.
> python do_build() {
>     bb.note("Hello World")
> }
That would print:

NOTE: Hello World

and would probably only sent it to the task logfile.

bb.plain("Hello World")

would make it to the console though :)


>         1) Must a "task function" be a Python function?  Or will a
>         bash function do?
> Tasks must be Python functions. 
No, they can be shell functions too.



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