Vali, Stephen, Matthew, Paul, Jessica, ScottR, Cristian, Richard, Tom, MarkH, 
Saul, Ross, Beth, MichaelH, Nitin, AlexG, AlexD, Belen, Song


* Opens collection - 5 min (Song)
* Yocto 1.6 status - 10 min (Song/team)
  - Had a bug sprint week last week, resolved 26 bugs, better than we normally 
do. The WDD number is coming down a little. We stopped the trend, but did not 
make a huge dent on the bug numbers.
  - Planning a RC2 for M2, compared with RC1, it has a lot more changes, 
probably 80 or so. It's certainly not a small incremental changes. But no big 
features. Will have RC2 once we have the full pass report and the build 
appliance issue is fixed.
  - There was a small performance issue. We got a patch in for it, overall 
build time has been improved by 2 minutes. The patch queue is moving, looking 
  - QA run full pass on RC1, report will be out soon. So far no major issues.
  - Saul: 1.4.3 Paul is looking in some issues, once resolved, will generate a 
build for QA. Looking at mid Feb release.
* SWAT team rotation: Ross -> Cristian
* Opens - 10 min
* Team Sharing - 20 min
  - Cristian: package upgrade and bug fix. Next step will work on feature 
related to HW testing. There are lots of change in communication and media 
stack. Vali would like to talk with Cristian. Paul: there are some talk 
regarding future direction. There is a mailing list for this, feel free to 
  - Beth: switched over to new AB software. 3 and half hour rebuild/rootfs now, 
reduced by one hour. Need more run for an average. Removed YP blocker. Changed 
git. RP: package part won't start until non-package part completes. Still some 
improvement there. Beth is aware of that.
  - Michael: Replacing drives, continuing to refresh builders, Google compute 
engine available, looking into how that will work.

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