Hello everyone,

I've been looking into updating oe-core's aging web engine/browser combo, and want to give you a heads up about what's going to happen:

1) webkit-gtk engine will be updated to latest stable upstream release (2.8.3 which is providing Webkit2 API and is a Gtk3 port)

2) midori browser will be replaced with Epiphany browser from the Gnome project. The reason is that the latest release of midori still defaults to Webkit1 and gtk2, a new version of midori is in development, but is a major rewrite with no target release date and is far from ready at the moment (from looking at the list of open issues).

The downside to this is extra bloat and dependencies, but I can't see any other way we can provide a modern client stack for the web. Having a browser is important nowadays for any kiosk-type device with a touchscreen, because that's how UIs are written.

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