Current Dev Position: YP 2.2 M4 (M3 is in QA)

Next Deadline: YP 2.2 M4 which will be Oct. 3rd (5:00pm GMT)

SWAT team rotation: Jussi -> Maxin

Key Status/Updates:

*        The M3rc1 build built mostly cleanly and is in QA. We are running into 
problems particularly around the runqemu changes and we're continue to try and 
find solutions to those problems.

*        We've found proper fixes for some of the workarounds we added in order 
to be able to build M3 so those are being merged and the workarounds removed. 
Thank to Markus for finding one particularly problematic issue with smart.

*        We did see some build issues with krogoth-next, partially due to 
improved testing, Armin is testing fixes for some of those issues.

*        The defect tracking metric is falling which is good but we're ~100 off 
the 2.1 release low point and ~500 off the 2.0 low so there is room for 

Key YP 2.2 Dates:

*        YP 2.2 M4 cut off would be: 10/3/16

*        YP 2.2 M4 release would be: 10/28/16

Tracking Metrics:

            WDD 2531 (last week 2589)


Key Status Links for YP:

[If anyone has suggestions for other information you'd like to see on this 
weekly status update, let us know!]


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