in order to isolate this issue I removed every layer with the exception
of poky and compiled linux-yocto-rt for "qemux86" with success.
(CONFIG_64BIT was set to n)

Then I added the meta-intel layer and compiled the real time kernel for
"intel-core2-32" also with success. (CONFIG_64BIT=n)

However choosing "intel-quark" resulted in the aforementioned error.

So I suppose its a meta-intel upstream bug.

My Layers:

poky: "krogoth:aad7166704021d82ad3a5ec468552f8f10360d41"
meta-intel: 141e71af3c59f9bd5d45029a418de2e1ce90aacd
  with reverted: 7d00922e1cd3caabb8046e68a6107b9f4f3f1d34
  because this poky version only supports gummiboot not systemd-boot


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