On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 7:05 PM, Philip Balister <phi...@balister.org> wrote:
> On 09/20/2016 07:29 PM, Paul Eggleton wrote:
>> On Thu, 25 Aug 2016 18:14:23 Andreas Müller wrote:
>>> seems layer list update is broken again e.g I am committing on
>>> meta-qt5-extra regularly but last commit reported is one month ago.
>> OK, finally we should be back up and running with updates. We're still fixing
>> an issue to do with registering new accounts but that too should be sorted in
>> the next day or so. Sorry about the delay.
> I'm working on PyQt5, does that belong in meta-qt5 or meta-qt5-extras?
> Philip
> PS: Checking commit og in case it is in -extras already :)
I'd prefer putting them to meta-qt5. There they are under the quality
hood of Martin's world

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