Hi all,

I have downloaded a sample linux image from the Toradex developers website to 
test on a Toradex Colibri T20 device. It worked fine.

Now I have generated a custom poky distribution (core-image-minimal) to deplkoy 
on the device.

However, the generated image is zImage format. Whereas it seems that uBoot is 
expecting uImage.

1) How do we inform Yocto to generate uImage instead of zImage ?

2) Therefore, I have deleted the tmp/deploy directory.

But right now, I'm unable to generate the distro again.

I tried many things:

bitbake -c clean core-image-minimal

bitbake -c cleanall core-image-minimal

bitbake core-image-minimal

Everything fails.

Is there a way to get things working again or should generate everythingh from 
scratch again ?

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