On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 18:39:03 Khem Raj wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 1:47 AM, Anicic Damir (PSI) <damir.ani...@psi.ch>
> wrote:
> > I am building Yocto 2.1 for PowerPC-64
> > 
> > I have bind and dhcpcd packages built in.
> > 
> > named service (from bind) gets started - but I do not want it started
> You may be able to do it via a image post processing function.

That will be solved by not installing it, see below.

> > dhcpcd service does not get started - but I would like to have it started
> hmm that may be a bug you need to see why it does not start

If you mean the dhcpcd recipe in meta-networking, it looks like that recipe 
doesn't have anything to enable it to start on boot (i.e. it does not inherit 
update-rc.d or systemd). If that's what you want you will need to do that 
either in the original recipe or use a bbappend.

Note that in some configurations (including our default) the dhcp client is 
started on demand by the networking scripts and thus doesn't need to be 
started as a service, but by default we are using dhclient for that and not 

> > I would also prefer not to remove bind, because I need dig (dig, host,
> > nslookup)
> you have to change the code, doing finer packaging for bind where the daemon
> gets packaged into package of its own and rest of the binaries e.g. dig etc
> go into
> another output package e.g. bind-extra or somesuch. then you just
> include bind-extas
> in your image.

The bind-utils package is already split out and packages dig and host, so I 
would suggest installing that rather than the main bind package. nslookup 
isn't being packaged at all, I suspect we are relying on the busybox stub 
version for that at least by default.



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