On Monday, October 10, 2016 12:23:07 PM EDT alfonso wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to integrate the testing of the resulting yocto images using
> Linaro's LAVA project.
> For now I am only using qemux86 images.
> Now, I am quite a newbie in both projects and maybe in general on the
> subject of images so I might be asking the wrong questions.
> So far, to test a qemu image using LAVA it is required a .img file. That
> would be the simplest configuration. On the other hand, my yocto project
> produces a .bin kernel file + .ext4 filesystem file. I don't seem to
> find a proper configuration in LAVA for .bin + .ext4 file testing. I
> presume there is a way to configure yocto to produce a .img file out of
> these two guys but I don't seem to find how.
> Would anyone have a recommendation?

We have been using LAVA to test our Yocto based product for about 1 1/2years 
now using the produced .ext[34] and bzImage produced from a typical Yocto 
build. We have been using LAVA 1 however and I am only now starting to move to 
the latest LAVA 2. We have also been using hardware targets and not qemu but 
that is overall inconsequential.

Since our move to LAVA 2 is in progress I can't currently give you a step by 
step guide to accomplishing this. Let me look quickly today to see if the 
existing definition of the qemu device type will allow for specifying a disk 
image and kernel. If not then it either needs to be added or a new device type 
created with allows it. On the bright side the LAVA folks have done a good job 
about the layout of their code so jumping in to do this may seem to be a big 
hurdle but once you jump in you will find most things where you would expect 
them to be.

Alternatively you could use either a chroot or VM to update the .ext4 image 
with a kernel and grub.

Anyways, sorry for sparse information. Again if you give me some time I can 
provide you with more details. But definitely go ahead and dig in, you will 
find that what you want to do is possible.

Mark Asselstine

> Thanks in advance for your help :)
> Best,
> Alfonso

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