On 2016-10-13 16:29, Lock, Joshua G wrote:
Can you help me understand why you needed to create this patch?

We've run into some issues recently where toolchains we expected to be
built weren't and the PublishArtifacts buildstep failing because
they're missing is useful. With this change we'll no longer get that,

Yes that's right (and not intended).

I would hope that you'll be able to detect such kind of problems before the PublishArtifacts buildstep because there should be some error in previous steps. The toolchain did not build!

I made this patch because I just want to build a 64 bit toolchain as opposed to both (like I used to do with some older version of Y-AB) and don't want the PublishArtifacts step to fail just because there is no 32-bit toolchain. There is no 32 bit toolchain on purpose.

As a bonus the patch also copies md5sums and friends over and not just the .sh files.

I do not want PublishArtifacts toolchain(s) to find out that something went wrong in previous build steps, but I would want it to copy over whatever was built (and not to fail if something I did not build is missing).

As a quick and dirty alternative I would also be happy with a solution based on additional PublishArtifacts steps like:

toolchain_i686 for 32 bit only   (only the 32 bit toolchain)
toolchain_x86_64 for 64 bit only (only the 64 bit toolchain)

if that helps.

Then in my config file I just use toolchain_x86_64 instead of toolchain in my PublishArtifacts step to indicate that I just want the 64 bit version.

To publish both you could use toolchain_i686 and toolchain_x86_64 in the PublishArtifacts step.

I find it a bit confusing to write toolchain and to expect various 64 bit and 32 bit toolchains to be published.

BTW what happens here[1] if one toolchain does not build?

I think even without my patch you'll not be able to detect the problem, since BuildToolchainImages is being called 4 times so two 32 bit and two 64 bit toolchains should be built. You'll just get an error in PublishArtifacts before my patch if no 32 bit or no 64 bit toolchain is being built. Nobody counts how many should be there.

So I would say the best would be to count how many toolchains should be built (count BuildToolchainImages in combination with SDKMACHINE) and check if that's the case in PublishArtifacts. No idea if and how this can be done.





[1] http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/yocto-autobuilder/tree/buildset-config.controller/nightly-arm.conf

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