Hi Karim, 

I understand your problem but unfortunately I still have a limited 
understanding of the intrication of the whole metadata system… 

The good news is that the meta-toolchain-qt5 recipe is quite empty. So I think 
your best option is to patch the populate_sdk task to include what is added by 
the qt5 layer. Once you have something working, you can then think on how to 
make it more permanent. 

grep & find will be your best friends --- at least, they are for me ;-) 


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> Objet: RE: [yocto] Merging a custom SDK with meta-toolchain-qt5

> Hi Michel,

> Indeed, with my first image, I've generated the sdk as follow:

> $ bitbake -c populate_sdk my-image-name

> In the "my-image-name.bb" I've added features :

> IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " foo gtk+3 libstdc++ "
> SDKIMAGE_FEATURES_append = " libstdc++-dev "

> So the resulting sdk contained all the necessary headers I needed,
> including libgtk+.so and its respective header files.

> I've created a new image, my-qtimage.bb" based on "my-image-name.bb".
> I've included all Qt5 stuff with IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " qtbase qt3d
> ... "
> The image is generated fine. Good.

> Then, to generate the SDK instead of doing that:
> $ bitbake -c populate_sdk my-qtimage

> I've prefered using the dedicated recipe of meta-qt5:
> $ bitbake meta-toolchainqt5

> But of course it did not include my features above.
> I just wonder what would be the best solution to achieve it correctly
> ?

> Writing a meta-toolchainqt5.bbapend ?

> Karim

> De : Michel D'HOOGE <michel.dho...@free.fr>
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> Objet : Re: [yocto] Merging a custom SDK with meta-toolchain-qt5

> Hi,

> > Is there a way to customize the meta-toolchain-qt5 so that it
> > installs the features declared in the SDKIMAGE_FEATURES above ?

> How did you generate the Qt5 toolchain? Because according to the
> reference manual:
> The SDKIMAGE_FEATURES is e quivalent to IMAGE_FEATURES. However, this
> variable applies to the SDK generated from an image using the
> following command:
> $ bitbake -c populate_sdk imagename

> There is a populate_sdk_qt5 class in meta-qt5. But I don't know how
> to merge this with the previous command :-/

> Michel
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