* Bipnesh, Abhinav (Abhinav) <abhinavbipn...@avaya.com> [161018 14:06]:

> I am trying to write a recipe for one of the library. It uses a
> somewhat modified autotools for building the complete code base. The
> issue I am facing here is that when do_configure run it put the
> generated files in build directory. Below is the layout

> S = "${WORKDIR}/xerces-c-src_2_8_0/src/xercesc"

Have you looked at:

> Now as the do_configure will put data in ${WORKDIR}/build. But I want that 
> the generated data should be in ${S}.

> Is there a way to tell do_configure to use ${S} and not ${WORKDIR}/build.

Sure set
B = "${S}"

Though, I'd rather suggest trying to get the library to build
out-of-tree. If you can get that going, it'll be better in the long run.


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