On Thu 2016-12-01 @ 05:28:20 PM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
> Gah, that's my bad. I'm currently in transit for a trip to Europe, but I'll
> fix this
> to use mktmp and friends tomorrow and send out a patch.

Great, thanks :-)

I think there might be a second issue too.

When scc-cmds/patch.cmd is run from the native sysroot, it errors out as

 line 29: : No such file or directory

Line 29 of patch.cmd looks like:

        eval echo 
"\"patches/${cbranch_name}/${relative_patch_dir}/${simple_patch_name}\"" >> 

I *think* it's complaining about "${branch_patch_queue}" but I can't be
certain. Philip is also seeing this (second) issue too. Does that look like
something you can figure out, or should I keep digging?
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