On 1/13/17 2:38 AM, Eswaran Vinothkumar (BEG-PT/PJ-IOT1) wrote:
> Hello,
> I am newbie to the Yocto world. I am trying to learn how to create an
> Embedded Linux distribution using the Yocto and so far have succeeded in
> building a base image for my customized board and the system is working
> fine. I am currently using the Yocto branch - krogoth. I checked the
> Yocto website for the stable releases:
> https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Releases
> Krogoth and Jethro branches are marked as the stable versions. Since the
> Krogoth version is relatively new, I decided to use that. Now I am
> planning to create an Yocto based build system for my embedded Product.

latest release is morty (2.2)
> What's the influence in choosing one branch over the other. Any long
> term benefits or what should I keep in mind when I choose which branch
> to use? Any inputs on these would be helpful. cheers:)

You should always choose latest stable with a plan to be easily
upgradable to newer release, so limit the changes to core metadata and
if you do find issues and fix them then upstream the issues as soon as
possible, so you dont have to forward port them when you upgrade.
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