I'm trying to get remote Eclipse debugging working, between Yocto Morty and
Eclipse Mars. This is for an RPi3 using systemd. I'm only trying to debug an
application separately compiled with the Yocto SDK toolchain, not to debug
anything in the Linux build.

In my local.conf, I first set EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES to "debug-tweaks
eclipse-debug", but it didn't give me the necessary SSH daemon, so I added
"ssh-server-openssh" as well, but nothing is starting it. The only related
systemd unit is sshd.socket.

What is supposed to start sshd, so that Eclipse debugging can work? And is
there any other daemon I have to get running in the target? The Yocto
mega-manual didn't really spell it all out.


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
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